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Art Of Conversation - Food


Do you eat to live, or are you one of those passionate souls who lives to eat? Food is certainly enjoying a high profile at present. With hit TV shows, social sites, glossy ranks of gastro-porn at every newsagent, and the return of the dinner party, many of us have headed back towards the kitchen as well as continuing our passion for dining out.

TAOC serves up 300 culinary entrees on topics like food destinations, cooking classes, slow food, fusion, indulgent food, leftovers and bizarre food ideas. It includes a comprehensive guidebook to culinary communication, complete with fascinating endnotes.

Like all TAOC editions, it’s not a quiz – it’s not about who knows the most. Rather, it’s a communication tool that draws on your own experiences, thoughts and reactions to facilitate fascinating discussions. Even wannabe foodies and reluctant eaters will love it, because let’s face it – we all eat!

Art Of Conversation  Food

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